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Novus Fragrances manufacture and distribute a range of quality fragrances inspired by the world’s major brand names directly to the consumer or through our independent Resellers in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Not only will you find our Products to be of the highest quality and long lasting after application, but our prices will undoubtedly suit your pocket.

You can either...



The selling of personal body care products is a multi billion rand industry.

Customers generally prefer "personal attention" when it comes to body care products and they like to smell, feel and talk about (share) their experiences before they decide to buy. The "personal touch" experience is usually lost in retail stores as a result of high volumes of people entering these stores and the attendants generally do not have the time to attend to all customers.

Direct marketing or selling is an industry where individuals can earn a sizeable income (part or full time) without having to be employed by a company. Many people also become involved in the direct selling industry to supplement their existing income (without having to quit their current job) to enjoy a better lifestyle financially. As Direct Selling is a business directly to people, it is the ideal solution to offer customers the "personal attention" they want.



Our business is about people. Whether you only want to sell the products and earn a retail profit, or want to expand your business through a network of Resellers who can sell to more people, the Novus Fragrances Franchise (Reseller) Opportunity caters for both.

You can decide to:

1. Sell our products and earn healthy retail profits, and 
2. Build your own network of Resellers under you from whom you will earn product rebates (commissions) on their purchases.

What is a Network of Resellers?

  • Network marketing is simply a system developed by companies whereby you are allowed to appoint (introduce) other Resellers and earn rebates (commissions) from their efforts (sales).

  • The Company shares a portion of the profit on each sale of a product with the person who introduced the Reseller.

  • Most Companies provide a multi level network platform, that simply means that when the Reseller you have appointed (introduced) under you, introduce one or more Resellers under him, that you will also benefit from those Resellers sales.

  • The position of a Reseller in your network is commonly referred to as the "LEVEL".

  • If you have introduced a Reseller directly under you, that Reseller will be on your LEVEL 1 of your Network and is also referred to as a "Directly Related Reseller".

  • When the Resellers on your LEVEL 1, introduce Resellers on their LEVEL 1, those new Resellers will then be on your LEVEL 2 of your Network. They are also referred to as "Indirectly Related Resellers")

  • Novus Fragrances Network system allows for no limit in width (in other words you can introduce as many Resellers on your LEVEL 1 as you wish), but is limited to 5 Levels down. (This means that you will earn commissions on the sales of all the Resellers on each level every month, but limited to LEVEL 5.

  • The Company simply uses a portion of the profit on each product sold and share it amongst the Introducers of each Reseller on the different Levels.

  • When you buy a product from the Company for instance, your "UPLINE" (up to 5 levels up) will earn commissions on the product you have purchased.

Don't discard the network opportunity. Some of your colleagues, customers, friends and family will naturally enquire if they can also sell the products. This would be the ideal opportunity to introduce them as Resellers in your Network.

The more people you introduce as Resellers who sell products and assist them to introduce other people who sell products and introduce other Resellers, the more money you will earn. In other words, you introduce people to Novus Fragrances who sell and help and teach them to introduce others to the business so that they can do exactly the same again. Through this process you are duplicating your efforts through other people with the effect of maximising your income!

Once you understand the concept of maximising your income potential through duplicating your efforts through other people with Novus Fragrances' network marketing concept, your life will undoubtedly change.

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