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Novus Fragrances manufacture and distribute a range of quality fragrances inspired by the world’s major brand names directly to the consumer or through our independent Resellers in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Not only will you find our Products to be of the highest quality and long lasting after application, but our prices will undoubtedly suit your pocket.

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The selling of personal body care products is a multi billion rand industry.

Customers generally prefer "personal attention" when it comes to body care products and they like to smell, feel and talk about (share) their experiences before they decide to buy. The "personal touch" experience is usually lost in retail stores as a result of high volumes of people entering these stores and the attendants generally do not have the time to attend to all customers.

Direct marketing or selling is an industry where individuals can earn a sizeable income (part or full time) without having to be employed by a company. Many people also become involved in the direct selling industry to supplement their existing income (without having to quit their current job) to enjoy a better lifestyle financially. As Direct Selling is a business directly to people, it is the ideal solution to offer customers the "personal attention" they want.


“Life is not measured by the amount of years lived but by the amount of memories created”

Joost vd Westhuizen


In buying your Blue Bulls FOR HIM or HER fragrances Collector’s Item, you will be indirectly supporting the J9 Foundation set up by Joost vd Westhuizen, the previous Springbok rugby Scrum Half, in aid of Motor Neuron Disease sufferers.

The Novus Fragrances Group has entered into an agreement with the J9 Foundation whereby an amount will be donated to the J9 Foundation for every Blue Bulls FOR HIM or FOR HER fragrance that is sold on Novus Fragrances on-line shop (under the codes 0643131454924J9 and 0643131454917J9).

When you conclude your purchase of these products on this website, the product/s will be couriered to you free of charge within South African Borders. You will also receive a certificate with the following wording:

“This is to certify that this Blue Bulls FOR HIM or FOR HER fragrance is a limited edition and is certified as such. To confirm authenticity, the serial number on the hologram label affixed to this certificate will match the serial number on the hologram label affixed to the fragrance carton”

About the J9 Foundation

The J9 Foundation was formed by the rugby legend, Joost van der Westhuizen in aid of those suffering from the same form of fatal illness that he was diagnosed with early 2011, Motor Neuron Disease.

Joost has created a platform through this foundation to allow people, companies and friends to support the quality of life programs available within this organization.

The J9 Foundation’s core objectives are to contribute to research in Africa and raise awareness, both locally and internationally for Motor Neuron Disease with the intent of teaching people about the disease who will then, in turn, support efforts across the globe to find a cure or cause.

J9 Foundation Goals

·      To educate the general public about Motor Neuron Disease and its devastating effects on both the patient and            their families.

·      To educate and raise awareness amongst medical practitioners and nursing staff to enable them to make earlier        and correct diagnoses and provide better emotional and physical care on initial diagnoses of a patient.

·      To contribute to the initiation of research into MND in South Africa (before Joost initiated research in 2015,                there was none in SA) and to ultimately contribute to finding a cure or cause for MND.

·      To contribute to a better quality of life for those living with Motor Neuron Disease as well as their family                        members who are affected.

The J9 logo is a symbol of the every willingness to strive forward and never give in.  No matter how far or how high
life´s challenges are. To fight to the end, to show true courage and valour. This is Joosts Legacy to South Africa and the world, to everyone who watched him carry that number and those words on his back and in his heart.

Let us all be a “J9″ and carry the legacy through the support of the Joost's J9 Foundation for Motor Neuron Disease sufferers. Let us carry the symbol of a true legend in our hearts and make a difference in the lives of those who need us most.

To follow the J9 Foundation story go to


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