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Novus Fragrances manufacture and distribute a range of quality personal body care products like perfumes, body lotions, roll-on deodorants, shower gels, heel balms and facial care directly to consumers through our independent VIP members and Resellers in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Our Products are of the highest quality and long lasting after application, and our prices will undoubtedly suit your pocket.......



Personal body care is a multi billion rand industry. We distribute our products directly to consumers through Direct Selling by contracting independent individuals like yourself as VIP members and Resellers ("members"). Our members earn commissions and retail profits from sales to their colleagues, family and friends. ........

Welcome to the Telegram download page. As Telegram Messenger is our preferred communication platform, please choose the correct download link below to download Telegram to your mobile device. As soon as we have received your Application and you have joined Telegram (if you haven't already) we will send you the Novus Fragrances channel link, please join this channel to receive constant important updates and tips.

For Android devices please follow the link below to download Telegram:

For IOS devices please search for "Telegram Messenger" in your App Store.

Thank you.