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Novus Fragrances manufacture and distribute a range of quality fragrances inspired by the world’s major brand names directly to the consumer or through our independent Resellers in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Not only will you find our Products to be of the highest quality and long lasting after application, but our prices will undoubtedly suit your pocket.

You can either...



The selling of personal body care products is a multi billion rand industry.

Customers generally prefer "personal attention" when it comes to body care products and they like to smell, feel and talk about (share) their experiences before they decide to buy. The "personal touch" experience is usually lost in retail stores as a result of high volumes of people entering these stores and the attendants generally do not have the time to attend to all customers.

Direct marketing or selling is an industry where individuals can earn a sizeable income (part or full time) without having to be employed by a company. Many people also become involved in the direct selling industry to supplement their existing income (without having to quit their current job) to enjoy a better lifestyle financially. As Direct Selling is a business directly to people, it is the ideal solution to offer customers the "personal attention" they want.



The most important key to building a successful Franchise Network is summarized on this page. The Novus Fragrances products are exciting and in demand. The Novus Fragrances compensation system is easy to understand and to explain. If you combine these two factors, they will give you a start to your success.

Follow the steps below and you will be on your way to financial freedom.

1. Show people the product samples. 
2. Let them smell their favourite fragrance.
3. Encourage them to use the product and experience the long lasting quality fragrances.
4. After they have bought the products from you, share the business opportunity with them.
5. They can focus on creating an income for themselves when they become Resellers!

When they repeat steps 1-5 above you and they start earning money!


When you teach these easy steps to every person you introduce to your Novus Fragrances business that become Resellers and help them to teach it to other people, who do exactly the same, your business should grow very soon. This is duplication and is the secret in building a successful and profitable network business. It is therefore important that you understand that it is not about quantity on your 1st level, but rather spending quality time and effort with everyone you introduce. Once you are satisfied that they apply what you have shown and taught them and can do it without your full-time attention, it is then the time to let go and introduce further Novus Fragrances Resellers on your 1st level.


After you have completed and submitted your own Application form to become a Reseller, you will receive notification as well as your Reseller number. Memorise or save your Reseller number, because when you introduce new Resellers on your 1st level of your Reseller network, you will need to supply your Reseller number as the Introducer.

The Reseller guide (included in your Starter Pack) also gives you a step by step process to follow from how to make the appointment, what to discuss during the meeting and the process of completing Application forms.

You can either explain the Reseller opportunity to your prospect, by using the Reseller guide, or you can refer your prospect to the website, or you can attend an official presentation of the company with your prospect. (Contact the General Manager on 087 808 7351 to obtain the presentation schedules). When your prospect agrees to sign-on as a Reseller, you can use the printed Application form in your Starter pack, or you can use the Application form on the website. Again, ensure that you enter your Reseller number in the "Introducer" space on the Application forms. This will ensure that your recruit is registered on your 1st level of your Reseller network.

If you make use of the website to register your new recruit, once the form is submitted, it will integrate with our database system and your recruit will receive notification and his Reseller number. You will also receive notification via sms/email.

Should you use the printed Application form, after the form is completed and signed by your recruit, tear the front page off, and submit to us via fax, or scan and mail, or post or hand it in at head office. The 2nd page and the Agreement is retained by your recruit.

Once the Application form is finalised, encourage your recruit to purchase the Starter Pack. This is key to success.

If you have any questions in this regard, please contact our service centre on 087 808 7355.

Click here to watch the Novus Fragrances presentation.